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Facilitated diffusion

the diffusion of a substance through protein channels in a cell membrane


a mixture of lipids, mainly triglycerides, that is solid at room temperature. In mammals fat is deposited within the body as adipose tissue.


control mechanism by which the output of a system is regulated by the product or response that system produces

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

condition of cats characterized by dysuria, haematuria, pollakiuria and/or urethral obstruction


the anaerobic conversion of organic compounds (especially carbohydrates) to simpler compounds such as volatile fatty acids (SCFAs). Occurring in the caecum and colon, it is an essential part of the digestive process.


stage of development in the zygote in which all the organs are fully developed


the portion of the food that cannot be broken down by the intestinal enzymes of mammals


derived from fibrinogen, an insoluble protein which forms a mesh across areas of damaged capillaries that traps cells and platelets to form a clot


one of the  plasma proteins; involved in the blood clotting mechanism


the coil of wire at the cathode which produces electrons when heated

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