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pass with class

Pass with Class

Vetlogic launches Pass with Class!

After many months of development, we've finally launched our new live tutorial program. Starting on May 5th, Courtney Scales DipVN, NCert(Anaesth) will be delivering a live Anaesthesia session with up to 18 students. This program will continue to develop over the coming weeks and months, so keep checking the calendar for more dates and areas of study.



Big rabbit update coming soon!

We have started working on a huge update to our Vetskills units, which are currently lacking in rabbit information. We have a team of 5 busy writing away on (our rather sinister sounding) 'shadow' site. Once complete, the information will be merged into vetlogic to round out our offering for the Vetskills syllabus.

nursing care

VN03 Principles of Veterinary Nursing Care

VN03 in the works!

We have just started working on Vetskills unit 'VN03 Principles of Veterinary Nursing Care'. With learning objectives such as 'Understand how to handle and restrain patients for a range of procedures' and 'Know the principles of First Aid in relation to a veterinary practice', we're sure this unit will provide you with the help you'll need to confidently pass those exams and get you into practice.