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requiring oxygen for life and growth

Aerobic respiration

the enzymatic release of energy from the oxidation of organic compounds in living cells in a process requiring oxygen

Afferent nerve fibres

carry nerve impulses towards the central nervous system

Agonal gasp

a terminal breathing pattern where the animal appears to be gasping for breath


something which increases a response


the most abundant plasma protein. Principally responsible for maintenance of circulating blood volume by preventing too much water leaving the capillaries by osmosis.


one of two or more different forms of a gene. Different alleles of a gene occupy the same locus on a pair of homologous chromosomes.


these are alternative forms of a gene, showing different options for the same gene e.g. red, black, white coat coloring. Each has a specific place or ‘locus’ on the chromosome.


A partial or complete loss of hair in areas where it is normally present


Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority

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