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Mendel's First Law of Inheritance - the Law of Segregation

at meiosis only one of the two alleles is transmitted to each gamete

Mendel's Second Law of Inheritance - the Law of Independent Assortment

each pair of genes is inherited without being influenced by the presence of other genes

Metabolic acidosis

acidic plasma pH due to a metabolic process. A common example of this is diarrhoea, resulting in acidosis.

Metabolic alkalosis

less acidic plasma pH due to a metabolic process. A common example of this is acute vomiting resulting in a loss of hydrogen ions from the stomach. Chronic vomiting will result in metabolic acidosis due to a loss of bicarbonate from intestinal contents.


the sum of the physical and chemical changes that take place in living organisms. These changes include both synthesis (anabolism) and breakdown (catabolism) of substances in the body.


an organism too small to be seen by the naked eye; a microscopic organism


protein structures that help cells maintain their shape and are involved in cell movement and cell structure


the act of expelling urine from the bladder

Milk teeth

see deciduous teeth

Milliamperes (mA)

combination of the mA and exposure time which dictates the number of X-rays produced during an exposure

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