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a test to measure the red blood cells as a percentage of the total volume of blood. Haematocrit is the calculated number, using an analyser, whereas packed cell volume (PCV) is derived from manual measurement.


formation of blood and blood cells


presence of blood in the urine


presence of haemoglobin in the urine


loss of blood


blood in the pleural cavity

Hair bulb matrix

part of the hair that is situated at the end of the follicle and produces the cells of the hair


bad breath

Haploid cell

cell with half the number of chromosomes, and no pairs. These include the gametes (i.e. sperm and ova).

Haploid number

a single set of chromosomes (n) found in the nuclei of gametes, this is half the number of chromosomes found in the nuclei of all other eukaryotic cells

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