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Dead space

the air within the respiratory tract that never reaches the alveoli within the lungs and so does not undergo gaseous exchange


the breakdown of excess amino acids in the liver, whereby the amine group is removed and converted to ammonia and eventually urea before excretion

Deciduous dentition

teeth seen in the young animal soon after birth. These are shed after a few months and are replaced by the permanent teeth.


act of passing feces from the rectum

Definition (radiographic)

the quality of the radiograph which is affected by density, contrast and sharpness


the act of swallowing

Density (radiographic)

the degree of blackening of the radiograph

Dermal papilla

structure situated at the base of the hair follicle containing nerves and blood vessels, which supply nutrients necessary for hair growth


layer of dense connective tissue lying beneath the epidermis


the process of losing moisture or “drying out” when exposed to air

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