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stone like deposits of mineral salts found in hollow organs or on the teeth. In the urethra they can result in blockage of the passage of urine.


persistent yowling exhibited by the female cat (queen) during the pro-oestrus period of the oestrous cycle


a space containing a cytoplasmic process of an osteocyte in bone tissue, or a space between rows of cells in the liver along which bile flows

Capillary refill time

time taken for blood capillaries to refill after flow in them has been disrupted in some way


any agent or substance that can cause tumour formation and cancer


pertaining to the heart


meat-eating animal


an individual who has a copy of a recessive gene that is not expressed because of heterozygosity, but the gene can be passed on to the next generation, alternatively, an individual, infected with a pathogen, but not showing any symptoms of disease.


convalescent carrier: animal which has had a disease and recovered


decaying flesh

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