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smallest particle capable of existing on its own or as molecules when in combination with other atoms


adenosine triphosphate, a high energy phosphate molecule used to store and release energy for work within the body


a technique used for listening to the sounds of the body with the use of a stethoscope, for example the heart beat and respiratory sounds within the thoracic cavity

Autonomic nervous system

part of the peripheral nervous system that supplies stimulation to the cardiac and smooth muscles and the glands of the body, involved in unconscious control


all the chromosomes within the nucleus of the cell except the sex chromosomes


prevents fluctuations in the mains voltage and ensures constant 240 volts supplied to the X-ray machine


Authorised Veterinary Medicine - General Sales List


increased levels of nitrogenous by-products in the bloodstream


Back cross to recessive

identification of the recessive carrier can be done by a test mating with a known homozygous recessive animal. This will determine if the other animal is carrying a recessive gene. If they are carrying a recessive gene, then a percentage of the animals show the recessive characteristic. If they are not a recessive carrier then the recessive characteristic will not appear. We will use the Labrador as an example at the end of the glossary.

Back scatter

scattered radiation which travels in the opposite direction to the primary beam

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