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Glossary: Glossary with audio assistance


the number of times greater an image is than the actual object


abnormal nutrition, usually nutritional deficiency but may also mean  excess of nutrition


skin conditions caused by a variety of mites



Maximum Permissible Dose (MPD)

an amount of radiation exposure whichis considered no more hazardous than that which could be encountered on a day to day basis

Mechanical vector

the organism is only carried by the host and does not undergo any development inside the host


large cells, found in the bone marrow, that break up to form platelets, which are important in the clotting mechanism of blood

Meibomian glands

modified sebaceous glands present in the eyelids which produce an oily secretion, which helps to prevent the eye from drying out. Also called tarsal glands.


cell division involved in ova and sperm production. Four haploid cells are produced, each with half the number of chromosomes than the parent cell.


cell in the skin that produces and contains the pigment called melanin