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Glossary: Glossary with audio assistance


drug that increases the force of cardiac contraction

Insensible losses

water losses from the body that cannot be accurately measured


the act of taking air into the body - breathing in

Inspiratory capacity

Inspiratory reserve volume

the extra volume of air taken into the lungs, above that of the normal tidal volume after a forced inspiration

Intensifying screens

structures within a radiographic cassette which fluoresce when struck by X-rays

Intercalated neuron

a neuron that lies between a sensory and a motor neuron but which in itself has neither sensory nor motor functions

Internal respiration

the exchange of gases between the blood and the tissues. Also called tissue respiration.


sensory cells that detect stimuli from within the body, for example, information pertaining to blood pressure

Interspecific hybrid

result of crossing two animals from different species