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Glossary: Glossary with audio assistance


the movement of a fluid or a dissolved substance across a cell membrane, for example the soluble products of digestion pass through the mucus membrane of the small intestine into the blood stream

Acid/base balance

maintenance of the normal pH within the body systems


excess growth of bones after the epiphyses have closed, caused by excess secretion of growth hormone


a contractile protein found in muscle fibres

Active transport

the movement of molecules or ions through transport proteins across a cell membrane, against their concentration gradient. The process requires energy from ATP


a disease that has a rapid onset, short duration and pronounced clinical signs

Ad libitum feeding

feeding performed with freedom. Sometimes called free-choice or Ad lib

Addison's disease

disease caused by insufficient adrenocortical hormones; hypoadrenocorticism


a substance purposely put into food to give a desirable characteristic (e.g. color, flavor, texture, resistance to spoilage etc)

Adipose tissue

fat tissue in the body